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Image of Morrigan Goddess Mist

Morrigan Goddess Mist


The Morrigan Goddess Mist is a dark and powerful blend, fit for a queen of the night.

Morrigan is the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate, and Death. She also presides over rivers, lakes, and freshwater, in addition to being the patroness of night, magick, prophecy, and witches. She helps empower women to stand up for themselves, especially when faced with struggle or opposition. Call upon Morrigan when you need some inner strength and a warrior-like attitude.

This mist is an eartly blend and is perfect for night rituals. It is perfect for use as a body spray, room spray, or bed sheets spray, and is safe for use on children as well as adults.

The Morrigan Goddess Mist also contains Mugwort herb and Juniper Berries, adding even more power to this blend.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Fragrance/Essential Oils, Juniper Berries, Mugwort
Discontinue use if irritation occurs

2 fl oz in a glass or plastic bottle.

I provide the tools, you provide the energy and the power to infuse your magick.

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