I have always had a creative side.  I like to believe that I was gifted that by my Grandma who was an artist and incredible knitter and baker.  For many years, I made all kinds of crafts and eventually moved into a small home business of cake decorating.

Due to arthritis in my hands, I needed to find something else to keep me busy in the few hours that I had while at home.  I have always had multiple jobs and have commuted most of my life.  

Once I had surgery on my ankle and needed to spend 3 months keeping it elevated, a friend introduced me to soaping.  An amazing addiction was born! 

For over a year, I researched, purchased soap and soap products from many online sellers.  I noted what I liked most and made countless test batches.  I was not good at it.  

An amazing soaper that I had connected with advised to take a class.  WOW!  That class changed everything.  When I improved, I was able to grow and have found a wonderful, caring soaping family.  

I expanded and learned the proper way to make soy wax candles with wooden wicks and researched all I could about what makes the best candles.

As many customers and friends and family asked for me to produce different items, my little soap business has grown.  

Connecting with the best of the best and using inspiration from so many other highly creative makers keeps me growing.  

Our products are all tested by ourselves and our friends.  Scent is such a personal thing but if the product itself is quality, the scent can be adjusted.  

As an animal rescuer and guardian, we only use cruelty-free ingredients.  I use the hashtag #knowyouringredients all the time.  I never realized until someone told me to read the back of a bottle of liquid hand soap of what is really in there!  I was floored and began this adventure known as Magical Scentaments.  

I am glad to be able to share this journey with you.  Know that all of your purchases help me to work from home and be able to care for my Mom.  A few years ago, we noticed Mom was having memory issues.  Today, she has Alzheimer's and uses a walker to get around. 

Being a travel agent at home has been a fun adventure also.  Mom & I always traveled together and being able to help others plan their special vacations and getaways, makes me happy.  I love to travel and will once again.  For now, we travel with our friends who are really our family and their extended family.  We are able to help each other out and make every trip amazing.  Europe will be waiting for me when I can travel for a length of time again.

I do have a Lemongrass Spa Product business also which offers natural, organic skin care, hair care and wonderful cruelty-free products.  Without a license, I cannot create most skincare products and I did not want to "re-package" from wholesalers.  So I am able to offer affordable incredible skincare also.  My website is: lemongrassspa.com/21081

Enjoy the products and if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.  I do offer wholesale options also.