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Image of 6 oz Soy Wax Wooden-Wick Candle Tins

6 oz Soy Wax Wooden-Wick Candle Tins


Long lasting clean-burning soy wax scented all the way through with a double wood wick amazing candle in a 6 oz tin.

Pure soy wax. No paraffin mixes here! The special wooden-wick is 2 pieces of wood that burn beautifully.

Tested to burn for approximately 25 hours.

Listing is for 1 candle

Never leave a candle unattended while burning.

If wick doesn't stay lit, trim off the excess wood.

Once your candle has burned down, you can easily clean out the container with dish detergent and hot water and reuse it as a holder for small items or with a tealight candle inside.